Family Style Acupuncture

Family Style Acupuncture is now available at our newest location.

Come in and sit a bit. Be Still. A whole new signature concept is Dr Kym Caporale’s second St. Petersburg location. Acupuncture in the round, family style, in a relaxing , peaceful environment. The Acupuncturist Group at Beyond the Needle decided that sometimes a patient might want a shorter treatment or a quick second treatment due to busy schedules or a space to breathe and enjoy the moment.
We created this space at 8424 4th St N # F St. Petersburg, Fl 33702 with love and community.
Please call our main office line to check on availability and hours.
We look forward to the offering of acupuncture, auricular acupuncture BEMER/PEMF .

We offer CUPPING at the new location.  A signature technique of cupping is used.  We love the results we are getting.  Book your appointment today.

We also offer facial rejuvenation/ non surgical facelift at this locations along with private sessions also.

Just text and we will get right back to you. 727.551.4477

MENU of SERVICES of Family Style

B12 Injections: $25.00

Group Treatment Cost : $55.00

Group Treatment Preserve Treatment Package of 10: $450.00

Bemer Therapy: $35.00 Package of 11 for $300.00

Bemer Therapy PLUS Group Treatment: $65.00

Cupping: $45.00

Facial Injections: Please Call for Price

Facial Cupping: $55.00

One on One Private Treatment: $90.00

Consultation: $60.00



Acupuncture: $90.00

Bemer Therapy with Acupuncture: $110.00

Bemer Therapy: $ 35.00  Package of 11 $300.00

Cupping: $ 60.00

Kinesio Taping: $45.00

Auricular Therapy: $45.00

Facial Injections: $200.00

Facial Acupuncture w/ added signature product: $250.00

Injection: please call

Phone Consultation: $125.00

Fertility Consultation   with Dr Caporale  $300.00

Health and Wellness Consultation with Dr. Caporale $200.00


We do accept most insurances.  Please call our office to have our insurance specialist determine your benefits.



Family Style Acupuncture
8424 4th St N # F
St. Petersburg, FL 33702