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Within two weeks almost all my symptoms were gone

When I get off the elevator to come to Dr. Black-Caporale’s office I just take a deep breath and smile. I can look into her office and I am so thankful I found such a beautiful place and such a beautiful knowledgeable person to help me. I have been going to Dr. Black-Caporale for about a year. I first went to her for menopausal symptoms and an alternative to hormone therapy. I was so impressed with her ability to listen and take time with me. I was having night sweats, hot flashes, depression and fatigue. Within two weeks almost all my symptoms were gone. More women should know about All Women’s Institute of Natural Medicine and Alternative Health Concepts. My husband also sees DDr. Black-Caporale for his chronic back pain. My teenage children have been to her. She is fantastic!

From “N.A.” in St. Petersburg

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