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Dr. Kym Caporale, DACM  ~ Acupuncture Physician


Acupuncture in Tampa Bay , Florida and St. Petersburg, Florida 

Welcome to the website of Dr. Kym Caporale, DACM . With offices  in  St. Petersburg, Florida that are quickly and easily accessed from all of the greater Tampa Bay areas.

 Kym Caporale,  DACM  has designed a patient-focused experience revolves around tailored care, where every aspect of the service is designed to prioritize and cater to the individual’s needs. This involves attentive listening, empathetic understanding, and a commitment to providing personalized solutions that enhance the patient’s well-being.

From the moment you step in, a patient-focused experience ensures a warm and welcoming environment where your concerns are heard and valued. It involves clear communication about treatments, involving the patient in decision-making, and creating a collaborative partnership between the healthcare provider and the individual.
This experience is characterized by attention to detail, respect for the patient’s preferences, and an unwavering dedication to ensuring comfort and satisfaction throughout the healthcare journey. It’s about placing the patient at the center, tailoring care to their unique circumstances, and fostering a supportive and compassionate atmosphere


Please use the navigation buttons to learn more about our Center, our philosophy, our founder Dr.Kym Black – Caporale, DACM , acupuncture physician and doctor of oriental medicine, our Acupuncture Specialists and our many, many resources and successes.

Feel free to contact us using the links provided should you have any questions or inquiries.


Thank you for visiting.

Live Well, Tampa Bay!

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