Discover Wellness With a “Whole Person” Approach

No one on this Earth is exactly like you, so why trust St. Petersburg acupuncture medicine that is one-size-fits-all? The Caporale Center team joins with patients and their physician(s) to creatively meet a singular goal: Helping a person to become as healthy as possible. For fertility patients, that might mean IVF with a side of acupuncture. Weight loss patients may benefit from an on-staff nutritionist, exercise advice and hormonal testing. Every case is different; each protocol is carefully planned.

This collaborative healing strategy is known as integrated medicine, and in it the latest scientific advances are combined with the insights of ancient healing systems. It’s a powerful equation. By understanding an individual’s specific needs for achieving balance and harmony and combining therapies as needed, true healing may occur.

Instead of singling out a disease or specific pain, the Caporale Center advocates a “whole person” approach to medicine, taking into account as many different aspects of a patients’ life experience and biochemical individuality as is possible and practical.

It is our passion to give patients control of body and health so they may approach daily life with energy and optimism. Discover wellness with The Caporale Center through St. Petersburg acupuncture and other treatments