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Conceive the Caporale Way.

There’s a reason Dr. Kym Caporale’s St. Petersburg acupuncture patients call her the baby maker. She’s a true coach who understands the different strategies that can lead to conception and counsels her patients accordingly. Inside Beyond the Needle, fertility and overall health levels increase thanks to her integration of a 2,500 year-old oriental medicine model for infertility with the Western model of assisted reproductive therapies. It’s a combination of the tried-and-true with the marvels of modern medicine, an infertility “dream team” of East meets West.  Based on the conception success rates of Dr Kym Caporale’s patients, it works.

The coaching approach focuses on all facets of improving fertility for men and women through St. Petersburg acupuncture, nutrition, exercise and mind/body medicine while working with Tampa Bay’s best Reproductive Endocrinologists to cultivate a “whole system” reproductive medicine approach.

It’s the goal of Dr Kym Caporale to improve a patient’s odds of conception, being driven by a passion to assist men and women facing the challenges of infertility. In addition to physical acupuncture treatments , Beyond the Needle offers knowledge, coaching, counseling and support systems and builds relationships with patients to provide results-orientated advice in regards to fertility enhancement.

Since nearly 50% of all infertility cases require some intervention with both parties, couples are encouraged to attend treatments together. Both can usually be treated at the same time. In men, protocols that assist in invigorating the sperm and raising testosterone levels are introduced. For women, treatments that stimulate certain areas of the brain (e.g. hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis) that are responsible for proper ovulation are prescribed.

Dr Caporale’s vast knowledge of acupuncture comes into play as well. It is reported that acupuncture nourishes the endometrium, the interior lining of the uterus. This approach makes the embryo more likely to implant in the uterine wall after conception.

Beyond the Needle offers Mind Body group sessions, fertility retreats and an in-house lending library from which patients may borrow infertility materials and books. Patients of Beyond the Needle are listened to, supported and understood with an open mind and willingness to help.

Turning Patients into Parents for over 18 years.

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Passion, understanding and knowledge are the building blocks of  Dr Kym Caporale’s approach to Reproductive Medicine.

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