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ALL FIRST TREATMENTS are Evaluations plus Treatment. $125.00.
JOIN the CLUB for Better health and well-Being

STUDIO E Follow Up Visits  $85.00 for non fertility patients.


ALL PATIENTS – $92.00  This includes Bemer therapy.

FERTILITY PATIENTS – 10 treatment package : $880.00


Health Plan Club :
8 HP for $704.00
12 HP for $1032.00
24 HP for $1995.00
48 HP for $3849.00

*When You Buy a Package, 10 percent off all supplements.

15 treatments at $3600.00 – This comes with a starter facial rejuvenation kit!


Bemer Therapy with Acupuncture:                                 $100.00

Bemer Therapy:                                                                  $35.00    Package of 11 $300.00

Cupping:                                                                               $65.00

Kinesio Taping:                                                                    $45.00

Auricular Therapy:                                                              $55.00


B12-                                          $25.00

D3-                                            $45.00

Glutathione                             $45.00

Vit C-                                         $45.00

Super B-                                   $45.00


Facial Acupuncture w/ added signature product:            $350.00

Injection: please call

Facial Injections: Please Call for Price

Facial Cupping:                              $65.00

Facial packages begin at              $1,750.00 for 10


EXCLUSIVITY  with Dr. Kym Caporale, dacm

Fertility Consultation  with Dr. Caporale                        $350.00 ( may include Acupuncture Treatment )

Treatment with Dr. Caporale                                           $200.00

Health and Wellness Consultation Tele Medicine       $200.00


We do accept most insurances.  Please call our office to have our insurance specialist determine your benefits.

We have a 24 hour prior notice cancellation fee. All NEW patients will be asked for a credit card to be put safely on file. Your first appointment will be charged to your credit card prior to your first appointment. A no show will also be charged a fee.  Many patients wait for available appointments and it is kindness and common courtesy to give your physician and office staff 24 hours notice.

We care about compliancy and following the recommended treatment plan for all our patients.  If you invest yourself in your wellness plan, you will be so happy with your results.



Dr. Caporale and Associates, Beyond the Needle
8424 4th St. N Suite F/A
St. Petersburg, Fl 33702

7275210210 Directions