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Thank you to Dr C

I had wrinkles and aging skin.  In 10 treatments, Dr Caporale erased that aging, turned back the clock and made me happy with her skin care products and injections techniques.  She did it.

Thank you and Bless you,

Norma H

baby love and infertility

You will always be in my heart Dr Caporale.  I could hold you i my arms forever.

With a 6 year infertility diagnosis and changing  Reproductive doctors 3X, I found Dr Kym Black-Caporale! ( after 3 others acupuncturists that had no idea what I was talking about and hurt me with their needles)  First she is pain free, secondly she

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a baby…and then two!

Dr Black – Caporale,

You are my angel!  You have helped me so much build my family.  We will ever be s grateful to you.  You sure know your stuff and you also know how to have faith and that prayer is so primary in this journey.

We cannot thank you enough.  We are grateful we choose YOU.  If anyone

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my back!

Thank you so much for treating my back .  You are a miracle worker.  I was able to resume my tennis tournament following your treatment and a day of rest.  I love your new RIP cream by  and the Bemer PEMF did the trick by boosting those needles of yours.  Thanks for coming to my rescue and saving the

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