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We got so much better.

Thank you for being with us via telmed during our quarantine.  You are such a blessing to our community.  You were always available and a true healthcare practitioner!. SR St. Petersburg 8/2021


Loving Acupuncture, loving the supplements and loving YOU.  Today I am pain free and a whole new person.  Thank you for being always present in the moment for me. My back and shoulder feels next to perfect. You are amazing! Lori B  St Petersburg, Florida

Thank you to Dr C

I had wrinkles and aging skin.  In 10 treatments, Dr Caporale erased that aging, turned back the clock and made me happy with her skin care products and injections techniques.  She did it.

Thank you and Bless you,

Norma H

baby love and infertility

You will always be in my heart Dr Caporale.  I could hold you i my arms forever.

With a 6 year infertility diagnosis and changing  Reproductive doctors 3X, I found Dr Kym Black-Caporale! ( after 3 others acupuncturists that had no idea what I was talking about and hurt me with their needles)  First she is pain free, secondly she

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