No More Tummy Problems with your acupuncture

Thanks for the concern, the answered texts and my relief.  It all worked.  Just wanted to leave this note under your door today.


PAIN..it is gone!

I decided that I needed to write this letter to you because I am quite impressed by your skill as an acupuncturist.  You had me pain free in three treatments but I am never stopping the treatments. 2 years in sciatica pain and you did it.  I am in admiration for your skill and your care.  You rock Doc.


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Infertility and Blessings

I suffered with challenges of infertility for over 4 years…and I was ready to just be happy with no family, no baby BUT I decided to go to Dr. Kym Caporale.  A true blessing she is.  I have no idea what I would have done without her kindness and her beautiful spirit.  She is a true master at this Fertility

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I was a complete train wreck

Dear Kym,

I sincerely don’t believe that there are words that can adequately describe my gratefulness and appreciation to you and your practice.

As you know, when I came to see you for the first time, I was a complete train wreck. I had just moved down to Florida from NY with my, then, fiancé and my whole life exploded

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