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Conceiving After 35: A How-To Guide

The equation of fertility treatments plus acupuncture can equal a viable pregnancy. When a woman hits her mid-thirties and beyond, letting nature take its course may not be the best strategy for conception, and acupuncture for fertility is one method shown to help.


Women waiting to have children may joke that “they’re not getting older – they’re just aging like fine wine.” In many aspects, the metaphor hits home. With the life experience an older mother has gained, she should be able to act as a solid role model for little Junior. While she was building a career and focusing on breaking that glass ceiling, though, her precious eggs declined in both number and quality. A decrease in cervical fluid could have rendered the womb inhospitable. The ovulation rate may be erratic or non-existent.   Add a miscarriage percentile that continues to increase with each barren year, and the barriers are enough to make anyone hyperventilate.


Don’t let the “older mom” scenario cloud your life and negate your dreams of procreating. Take the initiative with your own fertility and give yourself the best possible chance to conceive by doing the following:


  • Work with a medical doctor and an acupuncturist. You will want to know from the get-go if any issues like fibroids may decrease your fertility, so have a full exam with your doctor and speak freely about your concerns. Don’t add that fertility specialist to your speed-dial just yet; instead, give yourself a chance to do this the old-fashioned way. If six months have elapsed and you still are not pregnant, it is then time to consider that phone call for help.
  • Throughout this process, consider undergoing regular acupuncture treatments from a practitioner who understands how holistic and medical therapies work together. Even without a specific focus on enhancing fertility, acupuncture tends to relieve stress. A woman who is less stressed should have a better chance at conceiving. Stay calm, go to your acupuncture sessions and share any medical revelations with both parties.
  • If it becomes apparent that you will need to see a fertility specialist, consider trusting one who believes in a well-rounded approach to conception. Acupuncture can be a blessing when coupled with the emotional and physical challenges that come with infertility treatment. Choose the fertility treatment that is best suited for you and your plans for a family, and add the tiny needles as part of the plan. Legions of mothers will tell you it’s a great idea.
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