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How Dental Health Correlates to Reproductive Health

As an acupuncturist and an integrative practitioner , I find that I must cover all aspects of a patients health and adding dental health to fertility health is a must !
Dental health can potentially influence fertility in a few significant ways. Chronic dental and gum diseases can cause inflammation and infections that may affect other systems in the body, including reproductive health.
1. **Systemic Inflammation**: Periodontal disease, a common dental problem characterized by gum inflammation and infection, can lead to increased systemic inflammation. This inflammation may potentially affect ovulation, implantation, and overall fertility in women and could also impact sperm health in men.
2. **Infection Spread**: Severe periodontal disease can allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream, potentially affecting other body systems. For women, these bacteria could impact the reproductive organs, potentially complicating pregnancy or fertility.
3. **Hormonal Interactions**: Dental health might also interact with hormonal balances. For example, pregnancy can lead to changes in dental health due to hormonal variations, and similarly, these hormones could theoretically impact dental health and subsequently fertility.
4. **Overall Health**: General health, including dental health, plays a role in fertility. Poor dental health is often associated with other health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which can also impair fertility.
Maintaining good oral hygiene and addressing dental issues promptly are part of overall health maintenance, which is crucial when trying to conceive. Regular dental check-ups can help manage these risks.
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