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Hypnosis for Birthing

By combining treatments like acupuncture in St. Petersburg with hypnosis, you can have the birth experience you desire. Imagine your ideal birthing experience. Do you envision yourself a relaxed mother-to-be who controls her anxiety and allows her child to enter the world in a peaceful state? If so, you may be a candidate to learn hypnosis for birthing. At the Caporale Center of Natural Health, students of the method learn to visualize and internalize their best-scenario birthing process, replacing stressful expectations of pain and hard labor with the expectations that accompany a positive experience.

Instead of hurt, a hypnotized patient feels gratitude for the birthing, which represents the introduction of new life. Instead of fear, she feels control. Unlike the nerve-ridden patient who lets anxiety rule the day, a hypnotized mother-to-be focuses on relaxing and envisioning her baby moving steadily through the birth canal.

The result can be mesmerizing. A mother trusts her body to take her successfully through the natural process of birthing a child and takes control of the situation. Her memories of the child’s birthday will be full of empowerment and love, for both her own abilities and her baby’s introduction the world.

Hypnosis for birthing can transform an otherwise frightening event into a rite of passage. Feel powerful in your ability to bring new life into the world. Contact Kym Black-Caporale to learn more about hypnosis for birthing instruction. She will discuss with you how this method, combined with acupuncture in St. Petersburg, can make a huge difference in your birth day.





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