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Infertility: A Mind/Body Approach

Everyone else is pregnant but me.

There’s no way this will ever work.

My life is too difficult with all of these medical interventions.


Many women facing the battle of infertility identify with the statements above. It’s common to feel powerless when one faces a situation that seems impossible to control. Dr. Kym Black-Caporale, a St. Petersburg acupuncture physician and fertility coach, is a strong believer in the ability of the mind to assist the body through this physically and emotionally taxing time. A proponent of Dr. Alice Domar’s mind/body approach, she recommends a protocol of relaxation techniques as an accompaniment to reproductive treatment.


The mind/body method has a proven success rate and has been shown to increase chances of conception. By helping patients decrease anxiety levels and “find themselves” again, the approach lowers stress, which has been shown to hinder conception.


St. Petersburg acupuncture is a unique part of the mind/body prescription at the Caporale Center of Natural Health. When used alone, it has a track record of success in the reproductive realm. Coupled with the mind/body approach, it’s a perfect accompaniment to the relaxation program.


Remember: What the mind believes, the body can achieve.


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