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I am now 4 months pregnant!

Dear Dr. Kym,

I wanted to take the opportunity to formally thank you for all that you have done for me. Coming into your practice 10 months ago was the best decision that I have ever made for my health as well as for my peace of mind. As you are aware, I came in seeking infertility help. However, not only did I get the help that I so disparately needed with my infertility issues, but I also received help on a multitude of other ailments that I had just grown to live with in my life – anxiety, constant fear, sleeplessness with severe night terrors, premenstrual cramping, non regular menstrual cycle and back problems.

Needless to say you have changed my life on so many different levels that the words thank you just don’t seem like they are enough. Because of your knowledge, professionalism, support and love, I am now 4 months pregnant! The role that you played in making that happen for me is absolutely invaluable. How can thank you be enough? You have blessed me with the child that I never thought I’d have and you have completely cured all of my other ailments! You are the best doctor that I have ever known. You are a doctor that truly cares for her patients on the deepest level. A doctor, and a friend, that will always take the time to listen and understand the issues her patients are having.

Please know that you are a true jewel and that what you give to your patients is so completely special. You have made such a difference in my life. Truly you have done more for me than I could have ever dreamed possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will forever be grateful for you!


C.H. Tampa, Florida

727-521-0210 Directions