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Healthy Eating , What’s that All About?

At The Caporale Center where we care about our patients, we often lecture on Healthy Eating and relieving pain in the GI tract,  Do you have IBS, ulcerative colitis, crohn’s?   We can help you with the challenges.


These days, society is overthinking healthy eating. The prospect is not rocket science, it’s common sense – but in a world filled with Twinkies and Big Macs, people seem to be agonizing more and more about what is “right” and what is “wrong” to ingest. Hundreds of years ago, there were no talks about carbohydrates, fats, glucose or sodium. People simply ate what was caught or harvested. Today, we are lucky to have so many choices at the grocery store – or are we? When healthy eating is decoded, it seems that our ancestors may have been on a better path.


Read below as we discuss how progress has not necessarily been a wonderful thing for our waistlines, and learn how you can eat more like our forefathers for better health.


  • Ancient man ate grass-fed beef and organic barley and corn; in fact, all their eatables were organic. These days, chemicals are added to fertilizers to make crop yields increase. Tomatoes swell to the size of fists; apples grow to mammoth proportions. However, as with all in life, quantity is not always a fitting substitute for quality. We are ingesting these chemicals and arguably leaving ourselves susceptible to cancers and more. The cure? Eat organic when you can. You don’t need to break the bank to do so; consider purchasing organic fruits and vegetables that are notoriously on the “Dirty Dozen” list, such as peaches. You’ll avoid some of the most widely used pesticides.
  • There were no fast food restaurants out on the prairie. Obesity was likely not a widespread concern. Consider your food source before you drive through those golden arches. The more removed a meal is from its natural state the higher probability there is that it will be unhealthy. There is little merit in meat that is pumped full of fillers and chemicals. Pretend you are out on the frontier when you are tempted to go the easy route. Those additives may be addictive, driving you to visit the restaurant again and again and resulting in the consumption of high calorie counts and minimal nutrition.
  • Remember this rule: If man made the food, it is likely not something you want to add to your plate. When grocery shopping, operate around the perimeter of the store, where the fresh fruit, vegetables, cheeses and milk are located. When you venture down the aisles, you’ll notice plenty of choices that are questionable as “food.” Oatmeal cream pies? –Definitely not found in nature, and definitely not the best fuel you can give your body.


It’s not difficult to eat a healthy diet. Simply remember that although mankind has brought about much advancement in our world, you don’t have to celebrate that fact by choosing Lunchables for your noon meal. Have something in common with our ancestors: Choose fresh, healthy foods to fuel your body right.

Thoughts Can Define US

The Importance Thoughts Have on Your Health


Remember the old adage: “I think, therefore I am?” Many people believe that the saying can be accurately amended to: “I think positively, therefore I am healthy.” Certainly, positive thoughts do not in themselves act as warriors inside the human body; if so, every cancer patient would be made to watch reruns of Seinfeld as part of their treatment protocol. Still, there is definitely something to be said about the merits of a positive attitude. Your thoughts can directly affect your health status. Read below and learn what can happen when you harness your positivity – and what can occur when you become a “Negative Nelly.”


  • Worriers can bet on increased stress levels. This isn’t some New Age theory; scientists have proven that the hormone cortisol (commonly known as the ‘fight or flight’ hormone) is released during times of duress, and cortisol has been found to weaken the immune system. By itself, excess cortisol is worrisome. Coupled with the high blood pressure worriers are susceptible to, it is a downright health hazard. Imagine worrying incessantly on top of having a diagnosed malady. Instead of just needing to treat the disease, you now need to also deal with the cortisol and high blood pressure. That is not the right direction toward a cure.
  • Positive thinkers make the best of a bad situation. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t practical. A patient who hears a doctor explain that their life expectancy is 2-4 years understands he may not have much longer to live. Instead of dwelling on what he cannot change, though, the positive thinker begins to live fully and richly, ticking items off his bucket list and growing closer with friends and family. Give a negative thinker the same diagnosis, and he becomes withdrawn and unsociable, a person who disappears into the background of humanity. Cure or not, that is no way to live.
  • The power of mindfulness inspires an increased state of consciousness. The world’s possibilities open to a person who is willing to embrace them. This realization can lead to lowered stress levels and a profound sense of calm, giving the body the opportunity to heal itself.


No, positive thinking is never going to be written on the prescription pad. But the alternative, negativity, can be downright hazardous to your health status. What do you have to lose in finding the silver lining in your situation? You may well have your health to gain.

Work With Me

An initial session with Dr. Kym Caporale, DOM sounds much like the following:


Take a seat. How can I help you live well? Let’s talk about your daily challenges, your concerns, your ultimate life goals. What weighs heavily on your mind? Is it weight issues? Anxiety? Infertility? Let’s delve into the issue and all that surrounds it. I’m here to listen, and to help. Here, you’re taking the first steps to addressing your concern. I’ll be with you all the way.


Yes, Dr. Caporale is a board-certified acupuncturist with years of experience. But she also is skilled in homeopathy, oriental medicine, mind body medicine, hypnosis and lifestyle counseling. She maintains a network of physicians who work in tandem to bring about the best results for a patient. And above all, she listens to the people who walk through her doors.


“No two people are alike,” Dr. Caporale says. “It’s so important to identify past health history, current concerns and future hopes before beginning an effective treatment plan.”


Dr. Caporale’s skill in homeopathy serves patients well, for instance, as she may suggest supplements combined with acupuncture therapy. Giving a person the best chance possible to achieve their ultimate goal – whether that is a term pregnancy, increased vitality or more – is her aim.


Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Caporale and begin your own road to wellness.




Conceiving After 35: A How-To Guide

The equation of fertility treatments plus acupuncture can equal a viable pregnancy. When a woman hits her mid-thirties and beyond, letting nature take its course may not be the best strategy for conception, and acupuncture for fertility is one method shown to help.


Women waiting to have children may joke that “they’re not getting older – they’re just aging like fine wine.” In many aspects, the metaphor hits home. With the life experience an older mother has gained, she should be able to act as a solid role model for little Junior. While she was building a career and focusing on breaking that glass ceiling, though, her precious eggs declined in both number and quality. A decrease in cervical fluid could have rendered the womb inhospitable. The ovulation rate may be erratic or non-existent.   Add a miscarriage percentile that continues to increase with each barren year, and the barriers are enough to make anyone hyperventilate.


Don’t let the “older mom” scenario cloud your life and negate your dreams of procreating. Take the initiative with your own fertility and give yourself the best possible chance to conceive by doing the following:


  • Work with a medical doctor and an acupuncturist. You will want to know from the get-go if any issues like fibroids may decrease your fertility, so have a full exam with your doctor and speak freely about your concerns. Don’t add that fertility specialist to your speed-dial just yet; instead, give yourself a chance to do this the old-fashioned way. If six months have elapsed and you still are not pregnant, it is then time to consider that phone call for help.
  • Throughout this process, consider undergoing regular acupuncture treatments from a practitioner who understands how holistic and medical therapies work together. Even without a specific focus on enhancing fertility, acupuncture tends to relieve stress. A woman who is less stressed should have a better chance at conceiving. Stay calm, go to your acupuncture sessions and share any medical revelations with both parties.
  • If it becomes apparent that you will need to see a fertility specialist, consider trusting one who believes in a well-rounded approach to conception. Acupuncture can be a blessing when coupled with the emotional and physical challenges that come with infertility treatment. Choose the fertility treatment that is best suited for you and your plans for a family, and add the tiny needles as part of the plan. Legions of mothers will tell you it’s a great idea.

Glutathione: Antioxidant GOLD

If you’re searching for pain relief and overall better quality of life, it’s time to learn about glutathione. This very instant, glutathione is fighting to save your healthy cells. It has attached to pesky immune system intruders and is escorting them out of your body, and those free radicals and heavy metals don’t stand a chance. When it comes to antioxidant power, glutathione is in a whole other league. Be glad it’s on your side.


Glutathione has been linked to cancer prevention, increased energy levels, better sleep patterns, clearer skin, increased athletic performance and more. This simple molecule, pronounced glute-a-thigh-own, is composed of cysteine, glycine and glutamine, which also happen to be building blocks for protein and amino acids. It occurs naturally in the human body, and its sulfur chemical groupings are the real panacea. These act like magnets to rid the body of harmful upstarts like carcinogens and heavy metals.


There is no pill you can pop to flood your system with this golden antioxidant, but you can build an inner army of glutathione power by following the advice below.


Do less:


  • Stressful living – Stress is identified as one of the conditions that can lower glutathione levels. Go take a yoga class or engage in some deep breathing or meditation exercises. Consider acupuncture for relaxation, also called acupuncture for stress relief. If you are faced with ongoing stressors, remember that the “fight or flight” reflex that floods the human body with cortisol is detrimental in large amounts. It’s presumably not going to help with your glutathione levels either.
  • Junk eating – It should come as no surprise that the human body is not going to welcome chips and soda as a means to produce glutathione. Every time you add a chopped onion to your salad or dig into a plate of broccoli robe, however, you’re giving your glutathione a boost. Certain foods and spices encourage glutathione production, which in turn should strengthen your immune system.
  • Sitting on the couch – Exercise encourages the production of glutathione in the human body. Add that to the long list of reasons you should be moving instead of sedentary.


After you’ve committed to changing bad habits, consider ingesting certain supplements that can boost your body’s chances of producing glutathione. These include folate, Vitamins B6 and B12 and milk thistle. Other antioxidants like Vitamin C help recycle the molecule and are helpful as well.


Achieve the gold standard of health by encouraging your system to make plenty of glutathione, and give yourself a great chance at better health.


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