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I was a complete train wreck

Dear Kym,

I sincerely don’t believe that there are words that can adequately describe my gratefulness and appreciation to you and your practice.

As you know, when I came to see you for the first time, I was a complete train wreck. I had just moved down to Florida from NY with my, then, fiancé and my whole life exploded in my face. I was alone. I was scared. I was devastated and utterly depressed. I was in a completely strange environment…it was nothing like NY or anything that I knew. I barely knew how to find the grocery store!

Thankfully, I had met a patient of yours at a street fair. She sang your praises and insisted that I come to see you, if for nothing else but to be treated naturally for depression. I had no choice. I lost everything, and I couldn’t afford (literally or financially) to lose my job on top of everything else. So, I came to see you expecting to get a jumbo size ginkgo biloba pill and be on my way.

I remember my foul-self walking in to your office. I was scared, but at that point in time, I was scared over everything. I remember talking to myself while driving to your office saying, “You’re just going to get your jumbo sized gingko biloba pill and then you’re outta here! She has a better chance of seeing God than putting any needles in me!”

everything. I walked in, saw you running around and just had the feeling that you were a good person. It should be said that at any given moment prior to that I was ready to flee. But, there was something warm about you and Pat that told me it was okay, and that I should at least stick around and see what you could offer.

Remember, I was foul at this time. I remember complaining to myself, “Why do I have to complete ALL this paperwork and history on myself? What difference does it make when I got my period….just want a ginkgo biloba and to be on my way!!!” Then you called me in for my consultation. You meticulously went through all of my medical history, asking questions and telling me things about myself that I didn’t even know. You went on to ask me why I was there, etc. The floodgates flew open! I cried and trashed around your office. Told you I wasn’t sleeping. You asked me what time I woke up…you asked me all types of questions that I thought were so ridiculous. Who cared what time I woke up, and what does that have to do with my lungs?!?! My lungs don’t hurt, and I just can’t understand why you keep referring to my lungs and liver….the only thing wrong with my lungs is that if I light another cigarette, I will crumble into dust.

What I didn’t know at the time was that you were assessing exactly where I was at…that in Chinese medicine, everything is related to other parts and organs. You were planning my recovery from that very moment. Question after question, you asked. Finally, after explaining the whole gruesome story, desperate and crying I begged you to find the “off” switch. And you said, very confidently, nodding your head, “OK”.

You walked me in to the next room. It was time to meet the needles. You sat up on the table with me and let me inspect them and ask questions until I felt comfortable. You showed me exactly how you were going to place them and that I wouldn’t feel a thing. Yeah right! Well, yeah right!!! I didn’t feel a darn thing and couldn’t believe that I was looking down at myself with needles…needles in my body!! I am scared of needles, but for some reason I am fine with this.

You explained that this would be like a massage. I laughed. Writing this now, I still laugh out loud. I could not get my arms around the idea that sticking needles in me would give me the same affect as a massage…that I would feel a euphoric-type feeling afterwards. Yeah, right!

I leave the office after having the overwhelming need to hug you, which has become a regular part of each visit thereafter. I remember driving the one hour drive home thinking, yeah, well I am not dead, but I don’t notice anything different…no euphoria. Oh, well…I still got my herbs, so I guess I got my money’s worth. After a bit of driving, I realize that I am playing the radio and singing my head off….this hasn’t happened since before I moved to Florida….weird. Then I start calling my sister in NY. She answers the phone and within a moment’s time, she asks me if I am drunk, and what did I do because I sound like her sister for the first time in a very long time!!! I am stunned by her comment, but tickled all at the same time. With this, I begin too tell her of my evening with DDr. Kym. My sister is not very open to alternative ideas, but she clearly stated she “could care less what it was that I did, because I got my sister back and that’s all that matters”. The irony in all of this is that now my sister sees an alternative medicine doctor in NNY, thanks to DDr. Kym.

I went home that night, and for the first time in months and months, I slept through the night! I woke the next morning and was in disbelief. It was also the first time that I woke and DIDN’TT feel like a tractor trailer hit me. And I actually had a productive morning at work. Of course, I crashed and burned later that afternoon, but this is serious progress!!! But this was the first time in months that I went more than one hour without hysterically crying.

I come back every single week. And my euphoria lasted longer and longer each week. And in doing so, somehow, I managed to remove my head from my ass and even smile. While I would feel very emotional during the sessions, I came away from them feeling like a million bucks…I couldn’t wait for my weekly session, and I took my herbs

At this point, it is important to note that you were treating my WHOLEE self. You and Pat were, at this point, my only human interaction. Remember, my ex-fiancé was the only person inn Florida that I knew, and I worked from home and had barely any opportunity to meet anyone. You talked to me and let me ramble on (forever)) to the both off you. You hugged me. You hugged me. You can NEVER know how much that meant too me. It brings me to tears just writing about it all these months later.

Thanks to you, I have managed to completely reinvent myself! I am not my old self again…I am a brand new, bigger and better version of my old self. I have embraced my world, made friends and built a life here in Florida.

It is a most heartfelt thanks that I give too you. You are an outstanding doctor and a wonderful human being. No matter where I go and what I do with the rest of my life, I will forever remember you to do for me even today.

Please tell your patients that it is so important to continue treatment regularly. It truly makes all the difference……I am living proof.

Much love and gratefulness,
“N.M.” Palm Harbor, FL

727-521-0210 Directions