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Crohn’s Disease

Dear Kym,

I have many to thank in writing this letter. First of all I am forever indebted to Dr. Black, my mother, and fate for their remarkable contributions in getting me to where I am today. I suppose my healing story begins not surprisingly, with my mother. If not for her energy, beautiful spirit, and relentless efforts to provide the best life for me as possible, I would not be the happy and most importantly “healthy” man I am today. My mother has always guided me to see the world with an open mind and to explore solutions to life’s problems that might not be the easiest or the most popular. It was her guidance and support that gave me the confidence and courage to explore acupuncture and other forms of alternative medicine in combating my Crohn’s disease. My mother and I share countless similar traits, most notably our ability to just feel when a situation, opportunity, or in this case a special person presents themselves into your life. So many people let these special opportunities slip past them without giving them a second thought. My mother has always taught me to trust such impulses throughout my life.

This is where Dr. Black comes into the picture. My mother was in the spa talking with some of her friends about my diagnosis and all the medication I was taking at the time. Suddenly this woman sitting nearby popped out from behind her magazine and said “acupuncture” We were on vacation at the time over a thousand miles away from home and this mystery woman behind the magazine just happened to be Dr. Black who was also vacationing over a thousand miles away from home. Little did my mother know at the time but she was casually chatting with the woman capable of healing her son. For this encounter I have fate or a power far greater than I to thank. Meeting Dr. Black has proved to be one of the most fortunate discoveries of my life. We remained in close contact with Dr. Black and just less than three months later my mother and I flew to St. Petersburg, Florida from Kansas City for my first set of acupuncture treatments. I believe the cliché goes something like.…. “And the rest they say is history.”

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in May of 2003. My doctors said it was chronic and that I would be heavily medicated and could possibly require several surgeries over the rest of my life. They said no cure was available and within days of leaving the hospital I was taking over twenty pills a day. I had not been seriously ill a day in my life.

What one day was a stomach ache had turned into a full blown crisis in a matter of weeks. I was not all that scared at the time only because I could not fully comprehend the magnitude of the situation. I began taking all the pills and felt tired, weary, moody, weak, nothing like the energetic 20 year old I was only months before. Then Dr. Black stepped into my life. She said she thought she could cure me. CURE ME!!!……..but I thought I was incurable, at least that is what my western medicine doctors had said in May. Well lets just say this, those other doctors are not “my” doctors anymore. Dr. Black treated me aggressively both physically and mentally. Her confident attitude fueled my healing process. Dr. Black does not work to cure disease or alleviate pain; she works to heal human beings. She did not just beat my Crohn’s, she healed “me.” My Crohn’s ran deeper than simply physical pain; it was engrained in my mental state. I felt imprisoned by the disease; it would not allow me to live my life the way I wanted. Dr. Black sensed this and convinced me that I could be freed from Crohn’s, but I had to believe that was possible. It was such infectious confidence that sold me on Dr. Black. She asked me to believe in something I saw as impossible. I took the leap of faith and I have never looked back.

Now just over seven months later I am no longer taking any western medication, only a few supplements prescribed by Dr. Black. I do whatever Dr. Black asks of me. She has accomplished in seven months what my original doctors said was never possible. Dr. Black told me the first time I met her that she could cure me, get me off all my toxic medications, and I would once again be just “me.” I was excited to hear that but I was not sure if that would ever be possible. For anyone who is skeptical or unsure with regards to the use of alternative medicine or Dr. Kym Black, let me say ……. This is for real, it works, it is enlightening, it is safe, and it changed my life!

With deepest respect and gratitude, “G.A.” Kansas City, MO

727-521-0210 Directions