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No longer taking any of the medications


I have told you before butt I wanted to thank you for the miraculous recovery of my son. Our meeting was definitely in my eyes part of God’s master plan for my life and I am glad. For those who don’t know we met in a spa in Canada. I was discussing my son’s condition with some friends when Kym who just overheard the conversation said “He needs acupuncture.” From there we shared further discussion and I vowed then that she would get a chance to heal my son. He was diagnosed with Chrohn’s Disease in May of 2003. The Dr’s in the western medicine world gave us little hope that healing would ever happen. He would face many drugs and probably flares of the illness at which time we would decide when to have surgery only to start the whole cycle again. Kym, on the other hand offered healing as an option. I live in Kansas City and my son and I flew to Florida to seek Kym’s advice and treatments. We started inn September 2003 and came monthly for treatments. Upon leaving Florida in December 2003 my son was no longer taking any of the medications prescribed by the western medicine doctors. He is currently on homeopathics selected by Kym and is doing beautifully. It was my Christmas wish to have my son’s health back and thanks to Kym …..We Have IT! I refer to my friends all the time and I will continue to do so.

From: “DB”” Kansas City, MO

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