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Looking forward to a full recovery very soon

I am writing

this note to express my gratitude to two veery special people. First to Debbie B. for introducing me too Dr.

Kymberly Black. And second to Dr. Kymberly Black. Without Debbie I would never have heard of Dr. Black since I live in Blue Springs, Missouri and Dr. Black practices in St. Petersburg, Florida. Ass fate or good fortune would have it, Debbie crossed paths with Dr. Black while the two were on vacation in Canada of all places. After doing wonders with Debbie’s son, Debbie thought I should take a trip to Florida and see what Dr. Black could do for me and my “Shingles”..Since February of 2003, I have had 5 different epidural blocks with steroids and cortisone that basically drove the shingles deeper into my body. I can’t tell you the drugs that I have taken in that same period as they are too numerous to list in this note. Anyway Dr. Black has begun cleansing my insides with Homeopathic medicine and the shingles pain has actually moved closer to the surface. I also developed a shoulder ache similar to a rotator cuff inflammation. My shoulder has improved so much that it is a non issue at this point. I still have a way to go to get rid of the shingles, but I have faith in the treatments I have received from Dr. Black and looking forward to a full recovery very soon.

Sincerely and Gratefully,
REM, Blue Springs, Missouri 64015

727-521-0210 Directions